3D Linear Glasses

VIVI LIGHT 3D Linear Glasses


3D Movie, 3D Theater, 3D Computer Game, 3D Book, Science Education Medical 3D Equipment, etc.

  • High quality Non foldable PC plastic frame Linear polarized 3D glasses, hardened surface.
  • Degree Can be: 45/135; 0/90; 135/45.
  • Linear polarized lens.
  • Use : 5D/7D/9D Cinema only
  • Lens Type : Linear Polarized Lens
  • Thickness : 0.23mm
  • Frame Material : ABS Plastic Frame
  • Color : Yellow
  • Usage Area For : 3D,4D,5D Cinema Use
  • Feature 1 : Big Size Frame
  • Feature 2 : Big Lens Wide Visual Area
  • Feature 3 : Most Popular Model For 4D, 5D 7D 9D
  • Cinema Feature : 4 Not Fold Arms
  • Product Size 148*52*155mm

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3D Paper Glass, Can be used for all displays and pictures – works only with

  • High quality circular polarized 3D glasses, 3D movie glasses
  • ABS easy plastic frame,0.297mm circular polarized lenses,fashionable appearance, not foldable plastic frame
  • usage area: watching 3D movie,3D video,3D television,3D computer games,3D computer game,science education medical 3D equipment…etc.
  • It is also popular used in Medicine, Astronomy, Aerospace…fields.
  • Plastic thicken 3D glasses, reusable.

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